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5 Questions Every Strategist
Must Ask

We believe asking “who?”, “what?”, “where?”, “when?”, and “why?” can help guide strategists to identify what their organization is trying to accomplish and thus make it easier to identify the best tactics and strategies to do so.

Emerging Ambulatory Value Propositions

Until recently, ambulatory services have been treated as a low-acuity extension of the inpatient enterprise or a technical extension of the provider enterprise. Both perspectives are detrimental to developing a successful health system ambulatory strategy.


Domestic Migration Creating Healthcare Winners and Losers

Dramatic change in US domestic migration has shifted $B of health system enterprise values from larger cities to smaller cities and states in the south. This reality has yet to be appreciated by the health systems that are focused on their day-to-day operations rather than creating the appropriate strategic market repositioning necessary to weather these losses or capture the gains.

Patient Lifetime Value

Patient Lifetime Value

Health systems need to consider the discounted lifetime value of their different patient segments. Rather than only use a transactional approach, the Patient Lifetime Value modeling shows the time-discounted economic impact of different patient segments. 


As staffing costs, staffing variability, and inflation continue to rise, health systems are looking for avenues to reduce their overall expenses. One avenue to reduce expenses is to reduce the subsidy within the employed physician platform. Read five tips for improving the physician enterprise.

Improving the Physician Enterprise Performance

Healthcare AI: Adapt or be Obsolete

AI is a dramatic impact on every industry. Healthcare leaders must start applying AI to their business models so their organizations can quickly adapt to the changing landscape. This paper outlines four things health systems can do right now to begin developing their capabilities to correctly apply AI to healthcare delivery.


Health System Growth: The Modern Urgent Care Platform

Patients increasingly demand care be delivered how and when they want it. Health systems that deliver on this demand are rewarded with patients' trust and loyalty. Building a modern urgent care platform delivers on this demand.

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Influencing Physician Alignment — Health Systems' Strategic Options

Health systems continue to face mounting profitability pressures. In response, system formation, growth and cost-cutting strategies have accelerated the need for strong physician alignment.


Health System Growth using Urgent Care

Patients are demanding care be delivered how and when they want it. In the primary care setting, traditional, scheduled clinics are finding it hard to adapt. 


Customizing the Healthcare Experience for Seniors

Learn how one health system is meeting the needs of this increasingly important population through segmentation and strategies aimed at each unique cohort. 

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