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Major Areas   of Expertise 

At Health System Advisors, we provide long-term strategic advice to hospital and health system leaders. 

  • Continuum of Care
    Assessing the current situations, strengths, and weaknesses of a hospital or health system’s continuum of care. Defining the assets required to achieve an effective continuum of care for individual situations based on the populations being managed. Coordinating the various elements along the continuum to create true clinical integration of the care delivery model.
  • Physician Hospital Alignment
    Assessing alignment between the hospital and associated physicians. Developing strategies to align physicians based on the physician alignment hierarchy of needs: economics, clinical activity, and purpose. Facilitating strategic alignment between large groups and health systems.
  • Organizational Alignment
    Aligning health system's assets and actions to create the most effective delivery model for both today’s tight reimbursement market and the future environment of greater clinical, operational, and financial integration. Facilitating discussions between hospitals, physicians, providers, and other elements to create the organizations and relationships required for effective continuums of care. Coordinated approaches to the market, physicians, and other provider relationships. Regional market and service line strategy
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, and Affiliations
    Independent Hospital Advisory Evaluating independent hospital’s positions in the environment as determinations are made to remain independent or join a system. Facilitating independent hospital’s Board-level debate on the merits of independence and joining a system. Developing the vision, creating options, detailing the business cases, and evaluating system partners. Facilitating strategic elements of merger and affiliation transactions. System Advisory Creating the various alignment options to achieve strategic goals of the system from loose affiliation to full asset merger. Defining the role of new members of systems. Creating strategic plans and aligning strategies with system direction as hospitals join systems.
  • Service Line and Systems of Health
    Developing Growth plans Creating the continuum of care for the service line across multiple locations Aligning physician practices and strategy Defining market strategy and alignments
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